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04/25/11 - Memory Bridge to Lead Hospice Training in Florida's Treasure Coast

Memory Bridge Dementia Immersion Training This three-day, guided journey in connecting with those in hospice with irreversible dementia will transform your understanding of the profoundest dimensions of human communication. Participants in the program will explore what it means, and does not mean, for a person to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and related forms of dementia, and not merely from the outside-in, the bio-medical perspective, but from the inside-out: from within the emotional and social lifeworlds of people living with irreversible dementia.  Developed by the Memory Bridge Foundation, and led by Michael Verde, Memory Bridge founder and lead trainer, this experience-based, empathy-centered workshop pairs each participant with a person in hospice diagnosed with irreversible dementia--a Buddy.  Volunteers and Buddies will meet two times in person over the three days of training.  Preparations for, and sharing after, participants' one-on-one interactions with their Buddies will constitute the curricular core of the workshop.  Allied to the supported companionship with actual hospice clients will be a variety of other transformative learning experiences--presentation-based, creative, reflective, peer-to-peer dialogue, case study, and sharing circles.

03/25/11 - Michael Presenting at Life Services Network 2011 Meeting

Michael is presenting There Is a Bridge: Healing the Dis-ease of Alzheimer's at this year's Life Services Network Annual Meeting to be held in Chicago, Illinois at Navy Pier.  Michael's presentation will define the crucial differences between the neurogenerative disease called Alzheimer's and the intersubjective experience of emotional and social isolation that is the dis-ease of Alzheimer's.  Rooted in a vision that challenges the cliched and fear-mongering marketing scripts through which Alzheimer's is typically framed for public consumption, Michael's presentation explores the intra- and interpersonal lifeworlds of our collective humanity and points the way to meaningful action that we can take now to begin healing the suffering associated with Alzheimer's.

01/13/11 - Educational Workshop with Naomi Feil and Michael Verde
Naomi Feil and Michael to lead a one-day, educational workshop on connecting with people with irreversible dementia in Port St. Lucie, Florida on January 13, 2011. The workshop, sponsored by Treasure Coast Hospice, is designed for care-partners and hospice volunteers. The event will be held in the Port St. Lucie Civic Center – 9221 SE Civic Center Place. For more information visit

01/08/11 - Michael Verde on Radio Talk Show Today

WTTB radio host Cindy Bryant interviewed Michael prior to his presentation for Treasure Coast Hospice's Treasuring Life Speaker Series on January 13, 2011.  In this interview Michael explains the difference between Alzheimer's disease and the dis-ease of Alzheimer's, and why understanding this difference can be the beginning of the most important spiritual journey of our lives. Click "read more" to hear the interview.

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ann hathaway nacktbilder fake 10/15/10 - Memory Bridge Begins Fall Classes
Memory Bridge begins its sixth year of bridge-building outreach in Chicago pubic schools. High school teens in eight Chicago public schools are partnering with elders diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in this fall's CPS Memory Bridge Initiative. This semester's selected schools, located in diverse areas across the city, are Corliss High School, Gwendolyn Brooks Prep. Academy (2 classes), Roberto Clemente high School, Walter Payton High School, Kelvyn Park High School, and Taft High School.

05/01/10 - Spring 2010 Edition of Crossings Published
Please visit and enjoy the Newsletter section of our website to read the full articles. To view the actual e-mail newsletter, please use the "View PDF" link below.

04/14/10 - Memory Bridge Makes Front Page of Tribune

The Memory Bridge Initiative was featured on the front page of the nacktbildenacktbildenacktbilde

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Chicago Tribune
on April 14, 2010.

To read the Tribune article, click here for the online version.

04/01/10 - Filming New Memory Bridge Video at Lake Forest College Chapel on May 23, 7:00 pm

Michael Verde, founder and president of Memory Bridge, will bring to unforgettable life the deep spiritual and emotional connections between us that dementia can not extinguish.  The presentation, Here: Healing the dis-ease of Alzheimer’s, which Michael shares across the U.S., will be filmed live on May 23 at 7:00 p.m. at the Lake Forest College Chapel for world-wide distribution.

01/15/10 - The “I Have a Dream” Foundation partners with Memory Bridge

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The “I Have a Dream” Foundation is partnering with Memory Bridge to launch Dreamers and Mockingbirds, a 12-week after school, service-learning and literacy-enrichment program based on the Memory Bridge Initiative. The Dreamers participating in Dreamers and Mockingbirds will read and explore To Kill a Mockingbird individually and as a class. Dreamers will also read parts of the novel to their Buddies (the elders with dementia participating in the program with the Dreamers), both in one-on-one and group contexts. 

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10/15/09 - Michael to speak at Florida Hospice Forum

Michael Verde will be presenting There Is a Bridge at the 2010 Florida Hospice & Palliative Care conference on May 20 & 21 in Orlando Florida.  Michael's presentation explores those facets of personal identity that Alzheimer's disease and related forms of dementia can not extinguish. 

06/24/09 - June 2009 edition of Crossings published

The June 2009 edition of Crossings, Memory Bridge's e-newsletter, has been published.

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06/18/09 - John Kotre's "White Gloves" to be included in Memory Bridge curriculum

John Kotre, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, is the author of "White Gloves", a book which introduces the idea of autobiographical memory, which he describes as "the people, places, objects, events, and feelings that go into the story of your life."

06/10/09 - Memory Bridge featured on Aging Matters

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request catalog halloween decor and inflatable props Michael Verde was interviewed on Aging Matters, a radio program that deals with issues affecting seniors and their families.

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06/01/09 - Memory Bridge highlighted in Forget Memory

Anne Basting, Director of the UWM Center on Age & Community, has written a book entitled Forget Memory: Creating Better Lives for People with Dementia that emphasizes the importance of activites that focus on the present when caring for individuals with Alzheimer's disease.

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